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Friday, December 15, 2023 - TV Tours

With the festive season just around the corner, Laurent Masquelier-Ricard was invited to present La Magnanerie de Bourré on the TV program "Destination Val de Loire : Spécial Noël". Many thanks to Aurélien LEGENDRE and Lygie ROTHON for their warm welcome.

© TV Tours

July 2022 - « France 3 val de Loire regional page »

Laurent 2 talks about his troglo and the visit in this interview by Cécile Mette and Isabelle Amelot.

© France 3 Centre-Val de Loire

2023 - "Kamini in free wheel" (shooting in September 2022)

Conviviality and good humor were present for the filming of a program of "Kamini en roue libre" for France 3 Center - Val de Loire. And, for once, the 2 (3 or 4?) Laurents are on screen.

© France Télévisions

Friday 9th December 2022 - JT 19/20 Center Val de Loire

A few days before the holidays, France 3 Center Val de Loire reiterates its interest in our site, this time in the early evening newspaper. Thanks to Amélie Rigodanzo for her enthusiasm

© France Télévisions

Friday 9th December 2022 - JT 12/13 Center Val de Loire

A few days before the holidays, France 3 Center Val de Loire has chosen to make a "live" from La Magnanerie (renamed for the occasion "Christmas grotto") as part of the mid-day news. We are very happy that the festive atmosphere pleased Amélie Rigodanzo.

© France Télévisions

Sunday 12th September 2021 - Ants in the Legs

For 20 years, Cyril Hue has been the veterinarian of Zoo de la Flèche. Its Sunday program aims to introduce the flora and fauna of our region. We were very happy to receive him at La Magnanerie de Bourré to discuss with him the life of silkworms.

© France Télévisions / Morgane productions

Monday 14th June 2021 - It's here ... in Montrichard Val de Cher

This daily show from France 3 Center - Val de Loire had the good idea to put its camera down for a week in Montrichard Val de Cher. The Bourré Magnanerie was obviously the subject of a nice report.

© France Télévisions / Reportage M.Rondonnier - G.Soudat - A.Lazeiras - L.Vaury

Thursday 8th of October 2020 - Freewheeling Center Val de Loire

We would like to thank Alex and Adrien, intern videographers at the Regional Tourism Committee, for this presentation clip of La Magnanerie. The icing on the cake, the views taken from the drone offer a new perspective on the garden.

© Comité Régional du Tourisme - Centre-Val de Loire

Sunday 2nd of August 2020 - The 100 places to see: the Loire Valley

How not to be grateful when France 5 ranks La Magnanerie in the 100 must-see places in a lifetime? It was a pleasure to welcome Anne-Sophie Chenuet, a nice ambassador for our region, to our home during a shoot.

© France Télévisions / en partenariat avec France Bleu / Réalisation Laure Leibovitz

Tuesday 7th of July 2020 - Deal concluded : the duel of flea markets

What a pleasure to receive Sophie Davant and Harold Hessel with us for a (short) appearance in this special program which sees the team of Alexandra and Diane compete against that of Julien and Pierre-Jean in search of beautiful objects at our local junk dealers. At the Magnanerie, Sophie and Harrold discovered troglo, stone and silkworms.

© France Télévisions - Warner Bros ITVP France / Présentation Sophie Davant / Réalisation Sébastien Pestel

Friday 19th of July 2019 - Evening News - TV Tours

TV Tours evening news programme features La Magnanerie. Thanks to Samuel Colin for such a nice presentation.

© TV Tours / présentation Audrey Champigny / reportage de Samuel Colin

Saturday 13th of July 2019 - Côté Jardins / France 3

A well known French presenter, Jamy Gourmaud, is reporting from the castle of Chenonceau. In 1554, Diane de Poitiers had 150 mulberry trees planted in the gardens to feed the silkworms. The TV crew then moves on to La Magnanerie de Bourré to learn more about silkworm farming.

© Troisième Oeil Productions / JA Productions / Côté Jardins / France 3

Friday 7th of September 2018 - « 9h50 le matin » / France 3

Lively journalist Eloïse Bruzat decided to spend the morning at La Magnanerie, broadcasting live no less than 6 times within a couple of hours. She had the excellent idea to focus on the "troglos" (the caves we live in) as well as the silkworms.

© France Télévisions 2018 / 9h50 le matin / reportage d’Eloïse Bruzat / images : Gilles Maury / Son : Matthias Soares

Monday 9th of October 2017 - Météo à la carte/France 3

A well known French "weather" programme covers the history of silk production in the Tours area. The programme features La Magnanerie as well as the last silk weaving factory still operating in the region.

© France 3 / Météo à la carte / reportage de J.B. Bergès et S. Rocher

Saturday 18th of July 2015 - France 2/Télématin

Télématin is one of the most popular morning programmes in France. Journalist Laurence Beauvillard covers silk production at the ROZE workshop in Tours but also pays a visit to our silkworms in order to understand how the "golden thread" is naturally produced.

© France 2 / Télématin / reportage de L.Beauvillard, C.Jourdain et C.Maizou

Friday 10th of July 2015 : France 3 Centre - Val de Loire

This is one of the episodes of a series called "Cave dwellings and troglodytic monuments in the Loir-et-Cher". La Magnanerie is an obvious stop for journalist Arnaud MOREAU. He then moves on to la Cave des Roches, another tourist site in Bourré.

© France 3 / reportage de Arnaud Moreau, Mélior Mouamma et Laurent Amblard

July to September 2014 : Cinemas of Montrichard and Amboise

A 12 second advert before each film shown at the Montrichard and Amboise cinemas for 3 months.

© Censier-Publicinex